Space Pajama Top/ Simplicity 3688

I have completed the top from Simplicity 3688 in my "metallic grey," I was obviously trying to kid myself because after looking at the fabric in bright daylight (and the pictures), it is clearly silver, shiny, shiny silver. That's what I get for letting someone else pick and sway me on the fabric, I guess I could have just vetoed it but then who could I pin the blame on? Anyway, I've ended up making what is clearly a space pj top.

I do believe that my sewing skills have improved somewhat though, this came together quicker, easier and I think better than my last few sewing attempts. Practice makes perfect right? Truthfully I will still wear this top out, I think it still looks retro when worn with a high waisted skirt, or very '80s when worn with high waisted jeans (like in the pictures) and frankly I love the '80s (the tackier the better).

I must have short arms though because the sleeves seem a bit too long and I thought I hemmed them up to a nice length. I really like the pleats along the waist, they look really smart and help with the baggyness of the top (it is suppose to be a bit of a loose top).

This pattern also had a great tip in it for darts: run the seam to the end of the dart (the point) and don't backstitch; instead leave plenty of thread and hand knot at the end, this prevents the dart from bubbling. This method worked out really well for me, I've had trouble with those little dart bubbles before.

I also ended up sewing my own button hole for this top, I used the advice from Colette Patterns.
My machine only has one button hole foot and it required button twist to use it. They don't sell button twist at my nearest fabric store (not sure if they even make it anymore) and I wasn't sure if tiny cording is a good substitute. Anyone else know (and what size of cording to use)?


  1. I seen this on Sew Retro and must admit being intriged by it. 80's with a little David Bowie Ziggy Stardust. I do mean that as a compliment.

  2. Thanks! and I do take that as a compliment, David Bowie rocks ;)

  3. You did a good job, I don't think it looks like pijama, and as you say, practice makes the amster, OR you can do a muslim first and then sew the "good one" , besides, that fabric is difficult to work with because is kind of slippery right?
    I have wanted that pattern during a long time but I haven't bought it, I'm waiting to see it on sale hehehe

  4. Hi! I've had that pattern sitting unused for a while; I'm feeling inspired now. the silver conjours up images of Dr Who shows to me, which is a very good thing! Love it

  5. I've never really watched Dr. Who but now I guess I'll have to check it out (while wearing my space top of course).


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