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On the Hunt to Find Hoodoos

While I've driven through Edson on numerous occasions on my way to Jasper or BC, I had never really bothered to stop there (other than maybe for gas and a bio-break, the town doesn't exactly scream tourist destination). A friend of mine posted a few amazing hoodoo pictures on facebook and said that they were near Edson, much to my suprise.  It was enough to get me hooked; we love hiking but we go to Jasper so often that we were in the mood for a bit of a change in scenery (whiny, right?).
We did a quick google search and the park is pretty much halfway between Edson and Hinton; according to google, Sundance Provincial Park is about a 45-minute drive from either location. We decided to use Edson as a base as all the pet friendly places were booked up in Hinton.

Once in Edson, we stopped at the info centre to see if they had some more details on how to get to this park as online resources were pretty scarce, unfortunately they didn’t have a lot either but were kind enough to pri…

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