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My red dress is complete! It felt like it took forever since there was quite a bit of handsewing for this pattern. I'm still not exactly sure as to the date of this pattern but I love it's mod stylings. It's designed by "Jean Muir" who was a "60's fashion icon," so my guess remains late 60's or early 70's. I picked this to go with the Sewing through the Decades Challenge. Here's my version:
I really need to start ironing my finished products before I get my husband to take photos, look at all those wrinkles and creases

I ended up thinking that the skirt was too big and I took it in quite a bit, but that of course ended up being a bit of a mistake since the dress now looks really boxy on me. (or maybe it's just me?) I'm not really sure this style suits my body type very well, I end up looking very rectangular and flat chested. I do have broad sholders so maybe that's why.

I messed up a bit with the fake belt detail (it ended up centred rather than off centre) so I had to add a second button to balance it out. I hemmed it a bit on the long side since I'm not sure that I can still pull off something so short (check out the mile long legs on that red dressed model).

This shot is a bit better:
Maybe I should just always stand with my hands at my waist. Overall though I think it's pretty cute. I love the curved seams that make up the bodice. I think this pattern could be modified into a really cute top.


  1. I think this is fabulous. Regarding the fit..most mod dresses fit busts a little flat. The placement of the faux belt helps with the curves. I don't think it makes you look flat or boxy. love the color too!

  2. Had to come over here from Sew Retro to tell you how gorgeous that dress is.. and how well it fits. Then I read how much you dont like it? Oh no!!!

  3. I came to your blog b/c I follow Sew Retro on my google reader... I like it! I also agree that the dress looks cute, and the button belt thing across the waist gives it enough shape. It would make a good "work dress" in a neutral color or darker color, too! I put "work dress" in quotation marks because I have no occasion to wear things like that, but I like them and picture them as something someone wears to an office job.

  4. Lovely dress, very true to the original. There is a bit of A-line to the dress shape and this looks lovely on you. It works for current day very well I think.

  5. @ nightowl & Heidi: After all the nice comments I feel like maybe I was a bit too harsh on the dress. I think I'm just really not used to the shape of this era.

    @ Bobbins of Basil: I agree, this would be a cute work dress in a neutral colour. I too don't really work in a place where this would a good outfit (I'm in the office but at an industrial-type setting) but think a downtown office worker could really rock this.

  6. Fabulous!The dress was very fun and looks great on you, the detail of the buttons is very nice.

  7. wow! IT IS PERFECT! Ilove the color and the style, great job!! and your look great !

  8. I LOVE it! It looks FANTASTIC! I don't think it looks too boxy at all. I love the fit and the color! YAY!!!


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