November 29, 2010

Two more Christmas gifts down

That's right, I have completed two more Christmas gifts (well four pieces for two people). For my mother and my aunt I have made some tabbed tea towels. My mom loves these, yet she can never seem to find them, she usually makes her own (hers have crocheted tops though, which I am not sure I can do).


I forgot to take pictures of the process, so there isn't a real tutorial, but basically I sewed two long rectangular pieces for the tabs, you can either use cord to make a button loop or make actual button holes. I then sewed the tabs onto folded tea towels, stitched on the buttons and ta-da, done. I also embroidered these, following my embroidered gift theme.

Here's how they look hanging from the stove. They're actually pretty handy, especially if you have a husband (or child) who likes to take your tea towels off the stove to use as oven mitts, floor wipes, etc.


I still haven't decided which towels to give to my aunt and which to my mother... The beaker one is for my mom for sure (she works in the chem field) and the Scotty is for my aunt (she has a little white dog herself). Decisions, decisions.

November 28, 2010

My new Christmas Tree Skirt

I've finished my Christmas tree skirt. It didn't turn out exactly as planned. It was suppose to be a scalloped circle and now it's kind of a scalloped squarish thing. Oh well, I think it will still look good under my Christmas tree.


I would advise anyone making one of these things to go with a square shape, or to use a pattern of some sort. My way was definately not the way to go. I made two large 40" squares of fabric, then I used string and two felts (markers) to try and make a protractor-type-thing. See:


and this is what I ended up with:


Not so circular. I probably should have just free-handed it. I really do love the fabric though, it's so bright and happy looking.

Aside from my wonky shape. It went together fairly quickly and without any issues. I sewed the two pieces together, then after turning it right side out, I top stitched the scallops. I didn't use any batting so this helped keep the shape. I won't go into detail on the scallops, but if you want to know more, check out Tilly's tutorial, hers turned out great.

Now I'm off to start my next sewing project, a table runner.

November 11, 2010

My '50s top complete

Well, I have finally finished Vogue 9278. Here is the pattern:

and here is my version:
with the wrap in the back...


with the wrap in the front...


Not perfect, but I like it. I think it turned out better than my first dress, which means I am improving on garment making. I had to adjust this pattern up a few sizes so that may have been one of my issues. I also ended up hating the fabric. It ravels horribly and the colour is a bit gloomy. I think if it was paired with the right skirt it wouldn't seem so bad though.

It's really baggy in the sleave area, not sure if it's suppose to be a bit baggy or not, the pattern picture doesn't look like it but the pattern pieces don't have real defined arm pit areas. The hem on the sleaves isn't very well done either, it said to use ribbon seam binding but I think it was a little bit stiff and I probably should have just done a regular hem.

Overall I deem it wearable, my husband thinks it looks too "homemade" and "nurse-like" (not sure what that really means) but I don't care. I think I prefer this with the wrap in the front, not only for look but the neck is a bit high and it feels odd the other way around.

I may make this pattern again some day.

November 7, 2010

Pantry Jars

I have a pretty small kitchen by todays standards, well actually it's not so much that the kitchen is small it's that it's an odd shape and there are very few cupboards and very little storage. I tend to buy things in bulk and always end up with a ton of twist-tied bags everywhere. I finally got off my butt and bought some jars to store some of my staples in. The jars were relatively in-expensive ($4.00) at my local Canadian Superstore, I think regular mason jars would look great for this project too.

I googled "vintage labels" or maybe it was "vintage jar labels" and picked out/stole some pretty ones. I used word to add text to the labels (using text boxes) and printed out what I needed.

I then cut out the labels and covered them with clear heavy-duty packing/package tape. I figured that this would probably protect them from water and if not I could just re-print the labels.
you can kind of see how I layered two pieces of tape to cover the paper...

I trimed the tape about 1.5 cm from the label edge and firmly pressed them onto the jars. Voila! Simple but neat jars for my pantry.


November 6, 2010

My latest sewing project

Well, I need a bit of a break from Christmas projects, a break from embroidery really, so I've started a new sewing project. Here it is, vogue 9278:

I bought this pattern a while ago but have been pushing the project off since the pattern is too small, way too small. I bought it for looks really, but who wouldn't? I am making view B (short sleaves) in a grey crepe. If it turns out well I want to wear it to work, grey crepe kind of seemed office-y. So far, it's turning out ok, I'm about half done but decided to call it quits for the night since I was beginning to make mistakes. I am clearly not very good at making clothing. I'll blame it on the fact that I had to re-draft a large size from the pattern.

The instructions are kind of confusing as well, I now know why some people avoid old vogue patterns. They really assume that you know what you're doing (and I'm clueless). The pattern is a "perforated" one, which is actually pretty neat. The pieces are precut and there are hole for marking darts and the seams, I kind of wish they sold new patterns like that too. Anyway, I'm hoping to finish this weekend or next, I'll post some pictures as soon as I get a chance.

November 2, 2010

I've joined the Crafty Christmas Club!

I've joined the Crafty Christmas Club blog. It’s a place to post about all your Christmas crafts and handmade presents. This is a great way to post about gifts for friends and family without them sneaking a peak on your regular blog. It was started by Tilly from Tilly and the Buttons.

If you think I may be making you something, try not to take a peak please!!