My '50s top complete

Well, I have finally finished Vogue 9278. Here is the pattern:

and here is my version:
with the wrap in the back...

 with the wrap in the front...

Not perfect, but I like it. I think it turned out better than my first dress, which means I am improving on garment making. I had to adjust this pattern up a few sizes so that may have been one of my issues. I also ended up hating the fabric. It ravels horribly and the colour is a bit gloomy. I think if it was paired with the right skirt it wouldn't seem so bad though.

It's really baggy in the sleave area, not sure if it's suppose to be a bit baggy or not, the pattern picture doesn't look like it but the pattern pieces don't have real defined arm pit areas. The hem on the sleaves isn't very well done either, it said to use ribbon seam binding but I think it was a little bit stiff and I probably should have just done a regular hem.

Overall I deem it wearable, my husband thinks it looks too "homemade" and "nurse-like" (not sure what that really means) but I don't care. I think I prefer this with the wrap in the front, not only for look but the neck is a bit high and it feels odd the other way around.

I may make this pattern again some day.


  1. I think your blouse turned out lovely. I think you should definitely make another sometime.

  2. This blouse is FANTASTIC! I love that you can wear it either way! Great job!!

  3. Thanks! I'm convinced now, I'll add this to my to make list. Maybe next time in a print...

  4. your blouse looks great, I love it! I want to try and make one for myself now :-)

    I love your blog, the chocolate ganache with walnut made my mouth water!


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