Seamed Stockings

A couple of years ago I came across this site:

Which sells a wide assortment of stockings, including real seamed stocking and very nice fake ones. I bought some for my wedding (which was 1920s themed). They looked great, and I wear them all the time. I do wish that I could wear them to work though. I'm pretty sure that I would get some odd looks though. Warning: if you do wear seamed stocking, people will notice and comment and ask where you got them.

This is a photo from my wedding (these stockings have a lovely Cuban heel). I think it clearly shows that any woman can look stunning in these retro-look stockings.

Seamed stockings, oh how I adore you.

The first time I wore mine, my grandma told me a story about life during the war and how women would draw the lines down the backs of their legs with a coloured pencils or paint (since stockings were hard to come by), but she was out of luck because every time she tried she would get a rash as she was allergic to the paint. My grandpa told me that he and his friends used stockings as an incentive for attractive women to give them a second date (he was in the RAF); at the end of the first date they would give them one stocking and at the end of the second they would get the other one. I'm not sure that's really a nice story but it's an interesting piece of history.

Whenever I see them I think of the movie "Some like it Hot" and the scene in the train bathroom. Sugar (played by Marilyn Monroe) asks Josephine (Joe dressed in drag) "Are my seams straight?" Such a good movie.


  1. Hi I found your site through My Happy sewing place, Anyway I like your blog so far. Lots of good info. Love the link for the back seam tights. Thanks

  2. Thanks for the comment! Glad you liked the link, the have a lot of nice stocking and tights on that site.


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