My 1940's Post-War House

I live in a cute little home built in the late 40's (46/47). It was built during the era of war housing, and is basically a square that looks somewhat similar to the many houses around it, although I think that whomever built my house had a bit more money because unlike most war housing that was built quickly to house veterans and their young families, my house has many "upgrades" and cute features that are often missing in houses from this period. I'm going to try to post more on these cute features later.

The other day, a friend came over for a visit and was confused by my lack of doorbell.
While my house is older and not wired for one, I do have a doorbell, in fact, it's one of the coolest doorbells in the world. It's a NuTone mechanical doorbell from the 40's. Look at this baby!

My doorbell (right smack dab in the middle of my front door)

The back of the doorbell (located on the inner side of the door), just in case you were curious...

Isn't it cute? It really loud too, with a two-tone bell. The only problem is that no-one ever seems to notice it (even though its right in the middle of the door, just below eye level). I think only two people have ever figured it out without help. I'm pretty sure thats why the tag says "Turn Handle" rather than having a name label (as it was designed for). I just don't see what's so complicated, it has arrows!

I wonder how common these were though as I haven't seen them on any other houses in the area, although their owners may have just upgraded the electrical to include a regular doorbell.

I really want to take it with me when we eventually sell this house but the next house will probably have a steel door and this was designed for a wood one. Maybe I'll take it anyway...


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