I Love Aprons

I love aprons, there is just so much variety when it comes to them. There are so many types and styles and you can use any fabric you like, no matter how crazy the print is. Aprons are also easy to sew and don't require a lot of fabric (so you can choose expensive ones). I don't think they're that expensive to buy either. For some reason though, it seems like few people have them or use them.

Aprons are great because they protect your clothing, and for some reason it seems impossible for me to cook or bake without getting food on myself. I guess I am a slob or a clutz (sp?). At the moment however, I don't have a single apron in my house, and like I said, I really do need one.

I have some fabric that would be perfect for an apron, or two, or three, but I can't decide on a design. There are just so many pretty patterns out there! I can't even decide on a full apron or a half. On the one hand a full apron is more handy and provides better spill coverage, but the half aprons are usually cuter. I just can't decide.

Last Christmas I made a few aprons as gifts, yet I didn't find the time to make one for myself. I received a few pictures from friends and I figured I would post them.

This one was for a friend that likes to bake and really likes cupcakes (and I love to make appliques):

It's a basic petal pattern, I traced an apron that used to be my grandmothers. I believe it was from the 50's. Which is another good thing about aprons, it's really easy to make your own patterns.

I don't have pictures of all the other ones that I made, I'll try to get some.


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