My latest sewing project

Well, I need a bit of a break from Christmas projects, a break from embroidery really, so I've started a new sewing project. Here it is, vogue 9278:

I bought this pattern a while ago but have been pushing the project off since the pattern is too small, way too small. I bought it for looks really, but who wouldn't? I am making view B (short sleaves) in a grey crepe. If it turns out well I want to wear it to work, grey crepe kind of seemed office-y. So far, it's turning out ok, I'm about half done but decided to call it quits for the night since I was beginning to make mistakes. I am clearly not very good at making clothing. I'll blame it on the fact that I had to re-draft a large size from the pattern.

The instructions are kind of confusing as well, I now know why some people avoid old vogue patterns. They really assume that you know what you're doing (and I'm clueless). The pattern is a "perforated" one, which is actually pretty neat. The pieces are precut and there are hole for marking darts and the seams, I kind of wish they sold new patterns like that too. Anyway, I'm hoping to finish this weekend or next, I'll post some pictures as soon as I get a chance.


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