My seedlings have sprouted!

The peppers are still tiny but look at the tomato plants: They’ve grown tall! Too bad they’re so spindly. I have hope though, after some google searching I have determined that they are not getting enough sun. It been very snowy and therefore cloudy so there has been very little direct sun on the plants. I’m going to put a lamp over them and hopefully they’ll fill out a bit (I’m hoping a regular CFL bulb will give off enough UV rays). I’m also going to top up the soil, which is suppose to help spindly tomato plants. If neither of these actions work I may have to pull them out and start over, boooo. As for the peppers, they are still really short (less than an inch) so I’ll leave them under the plastic dome until they get their height up (1-2”). Hopefully with the introduction of a lamp they’ll do well. I can’t wait for spring so that I can put these in the ground!


  1. YAY!! Mine are about the same, tall and spindly but they make me happy. :D

  2. Nice! Glad I'm not the only one with spindly seedlying :)


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