Simplicity 1690

Today is the last day of my stay-cation, it's pretty depressing. I really, really don't want to go back to work on Monday, the last couple of day have been a bit lazy too, we've basically been snowed in. 20 cm of snow last night, it's ridiculous (I'll try to snap a picture later), plus it's cold and very windy, not really unusual for this part of the world (Alberta, Canada), but we all still whine about it, one day I'll move I swear! Anyway, I did manage to complete one more sewing project while stuck in my house, Simplicity 1690 - view 3, a pencil skirt pattern from 1956.

and here is my version:

I love the way it turned out. This is a really quick and easy pattern and it fits really well, I am definitely going to make another skirt from this pattern.

I used leather buttons for the tabs; I've always like this style of button but I've never really made anything that they would match. I think they are made for jackets and coats, but I think they look really cute, hopefully they wash alright (I only thought of this point later, after I had completed the skirt).

This time I did the zipper my way, rather than following the instructions (remember how badly "following" instructions worked out for me before?) and it turned out great. I also used a funky leopard print ribbon on the inside of the band to finish the seams.

These last few sewing projects have been really encouraging for me, I finally feel like I'm learning from my mistakes and getting better!!


  1. cute! I think I'd like to try a pencil skirt, I'll have to find a pattern :)
    Ashley x

  2. These instant skirts from the 60's are just fantastic. Are those real pockets? Some of my instant skirts have decorative faux pockets, I keep telling myself eventually I'll make real ones..

  3. I like it and you look very good, it great when we use some fabric we already have and as yous ay you just needed one yard of fabric.

  4. It's a really nice skirt! The tabs are a nice addition. I'm really starting to think I should try one of those 50's pencil skirts... Not sure it would look okay on me, but you can't know before you try, right?

  5. Thanks!
    Steph, yes those are fake pockets, but on the plus side, the fake pockets allow the skirt to lye flat against the body (pockets are often bulky I find)

    Ashley & Amelie, you should look for one of these quick 1 yard skirts, super easy and I personally think pecil skirts look great on anyone!


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