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My hubby has a huge sweet tooth and when he wants dessert it ends up being a whole big bowl of ice cream with cookies or a whole big chocolate bar. He just can’t go without, so I am trying to find desserts that are a little bit better for him, if he can have a little bit of sweet then he won’t go and binge, luckily he likes Jello, unfortunately Jello is made of sugar, artificial flavour and colour. I managed to find a recipe for “home-made” Jello (I think they called it Gelatin Dessert but same thing really). It takes the same amount of time and effort to make as the boxed stuff but uses juice and unflavoured gelatin; I used Knox and no sugar added juice (it’s white cranberry with grape & apple) since most juice is sweet enough as it is.


4 pouches of Knox Gelatin (unflavoured)
1 cup cold juice
4 cups boiling hot juice

1. Sprinkle gelatin over cold juice and stir, do this one pack at a time, it won’t all dissolve, just try to get rid of the chunkies.
2. Bring the rest of the juice to a boil, then pour into cold juice mixture.
3. Stir until al gelatin is dissolved and cool until set (the instructions said 2 hours but mine took longer).

I mixed the whole thing in the mold that I was going to use so I only used two dishes (one pot for the boiling juice). This turns out really firm, you could easily cut this into squares and eat with your hands; if you like your Jello less firm I would suggest using more juice. I also ended up cutting up some banana and pushing it into the gelatin once it started to firm up, I’ve never had jello with fruit in it but it’s awesome. My hubby gave it a thumbs up and said “it’s as good as Jello but not as good as a sundae” and I actually liked it better than Jello, it’s not super sweet which I liked. Next time I’m going to try layer different flavours.


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