My poor, poor garden

I have a tiny little veggie garden in my backyard, it's only about 1.5m x 2.5m. We have quite a few large trees in our backyard so there was really only one good spot for it. This is only our second year in our house and the second year for my little garden. Last year I did pretty well, this year not so much. Something is eating my garden!!! My beans and potato plants all have holes in them. It's been raining a lot this summer, so maybe slugs? It's too bad because they are among the few things that grew well this year, hopefully they're still okay.

I never noticed how pretty the flower are on green bean plants. You can also see the destruction on the leaves in this picture.

My lettuce and onions are doing fine, my carrots somehow disapeared, my peppers didn't even germinate and my damned radishes when to seed. I've decided that I am no longer growing radishes. They are so freaking hard to grow. Last year they just shot up and went to seed (no bulb on the end), this year same thing! I read an article on radishes this spring and I figured that I could do better this year, it said that radished need to be thinned out really well, so that's what I did (I didn't do a good job of that last year). I really thought that I was in the clear, however, the article also mentioned that hot summers will also make them go to seed really quickly (guess what we had?).

I also have a couple of potted plants outside, which always seem to do well. I just grow various herbs and tomato plants in these. It's pretty easy, there's no weeding (not that I really weed my garden that well).

Did you know that a magpie will eat a tomato? I didn't until they started stealing them off the plants right before my eyes. Damn birds, now I have to watch carefully so that I can pick them just before they are ripe.


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