My dress adventure once again takes a turn for the worst...

Well, I had some time on the weekend so I figured I would get back to my dress project. I really wanted to get a lot done, but I did not, at all.

I managed to sew the right side of the dress up, and stitch the one side of the lining and I started on the arm holes, and that's as far as I got before my machine jammed.
Here's what I have so far (the colour's a little off in the picture and it looks a little odd as I have it draped over my machine cover):

As for my sewing machine, it's horribly, horribly jammed. I can't figure out how to unjam the damn thing. I found a thread and I thought that I pulled it all out but I was obviously wrong. The wheel is still stuck. The only option that I can think of is to find a tiny screw driver and to take the internal working apart to find the damned little piece of thread that must be somewhere in there. Errrrrrrrrrggg.

Maybe it's not me, maybe this machine is just evil...Probably not though. I really hope that it's not done for. I really like this machine and I got it as a gift.


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