My first garden harvest of the year

Well, yesterday my husband was asking me about my little garden and if anything had grown yet, so I made another trek into my garden, past the thistles and way in the back I found green beans! Well, actually most of them were purple beans. I wanted to grow them because I thought they looked cool. Look at them!!

It turns out they turn a boring dark green once cooked, and taste exactly the same as green beans. I know those brightly coloured veggies often look the same as the non-bright kind once cooked but I was holding out hopes. I mean purple potatoes stay purple after cooking, so there has to be some other veggies that do the same. Right? Right?I had planted dark red carrots but something ate them before I could pick them (I'm guessing one of many jack rabbits that I've seen running around the neighbourhood - my fence has one small gap, just large enough for a rabbit). Oh, and it is slugs making all those holes! I found a gross fat one, yuck!

Purple or not, the beans still tasted yummy; they had that delicious fresh from the garden taste that is lacking from the store bough stuff. I can't wait until the rest are ready to pick...


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