My first "major" sewing project

I am not much of a sewer but I have always wished that I was. I have sewn a few things over the years, mostly stuffed animals, a purse or two and quite a few aprons, but really all of those are very simple and easy to make and whenever I ran into some trouble I would ask my mother for help.

I have decided to make my first piece of real clothing all on my own without asking anyone for help. I have picked a very simple sheath dress pattern, McCall's 5972, view B (with the collar, bottom right on the picture).

It's a simple dress, pretty classic I think. I picked it because it appeared to be for a beginner and looks wearable.

So far it has been going very slowly; I don't know how people find time to sew. I probably should have started this in the winter when it is cold and nobody wants to go outside rather than in the very short lovely summer, oh well.

The project took off with a bit of a rocky start. It appeared as though the tension on my machine wasn't set right, after about 15 minutes I finally realized that I hadn't threaded the thing right, another 20 minutes later I figured out what I was doing (I've never used or seen a machine with a knob to wrap the thread around! It's an old machine and I don't have the instruction manual). I'm a little embarrassed to admit the issue but I can't be the first person to make that mistake, right???

After the threading embarrassment I began to sew the dress bodice and soon began to make mistakes. I sewed darts on opposite sides of the bodice front piece (I think the phone rang and I was distracted), I then sewed the wrong sides of the bodice together (darts facing up on both sides). I of course picked out a fabric without a "bad" side (who would have thought this would be an issue?). I now have two fabric pencils to mark the sides (I wish I had thought of this before all the sewing and ripping of seams).

I put the piece down after fixing my mistakes and left it for another day, of course when I went back to it, I started messing up again. I got the collar on alright, then I sewed the lining in on the wrong side. So I ripped it off, then I realized that I of course sewed the linner together incorrectly (the good sides are facing out like they should be, but the seam at the shoulders is bad side up).


So, I am going to leave this baby alone for a little bit longer. I am not sure why I keep messing up on such silly little things. At work, I have to pay close attention to little details and don't have these kinds of issues. Maybe I should only sew after a good sleep?

I have very little completed on my project, but I will get back to it as soon as I have some free time.

to be continued......


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