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Well, as you can see, I have finished my second Christmas gift and am now on my third. This project is for one of my best friends. We have been friends since "the day before kindergarten" as the story goes (for those who don't have kindergarten, this is before the 1st grade; you are usually 4 or 5). You see my friend is a very outgoing person, I was minding my own business playing in the sand at the park near my house and up she marches to introduce herself. She stated "My name is Cxxxxx (I'll leave her anonymous), you're my new best friend" and we have been friends ever since.

My friend loves all things Japan; her house is full of Janpanese prints, she speaks it and it is her dream to live there. Last year I made her an apron with Geisha fabric, which she loved, so this year I am sticking with the theme and making her sushi napkins. These aren't napkins for eating sushi, although I guess they could be, they are napkins with sushi pictures on them.

I made the napkins myself but I'm not really going to post about that. They didn't turn out so well, owning a ruler probably would have helped as they are all different sizes. They still look okay I think. To make them I cut broadcloth into 17.5 squares, then ironed the seams down and stitched. I must have folded the sides slightly larger or smaller each time, oh well.

So far I have only completed four napkin (out of eight). The tiny patterns and stitches are time consuming. In the end I am planning on having four patterns, two napkins for each pattern. I have finished two cats and two maki:

I really hope she likes them.


  1. LOVELY! I absolutely love needle work but it does take a long time (longer than one would think)! I'm working on a large cross-stitch for my Dad that was originally for father's day (oops) which will more likely be for his birthday in January! hahah...But I love making napkins and placements and I'll have to try hand stitching some napkins...they look lovely!


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