Homemade Christmas Gifts

My mother-in-law loves home-made/hand-made gifts. This year I have decided on embroidered gifts as it is something that can be done a little bit at a time very easily and I am actually decent at it. I bought a couple of flour sack tea towels and was thinking about making Christmas themed ones for her. The only problem is that I can't decide on a pattern, I was thinking of using two patterns so that the two towels are different. I have it narrowed down to a few though. What do you think I should pick of the following?:

Option 1: The super cute penguin.
This is a free pattern from Bad Bird. It's soooo cute but it would take a lot of fill work and I'm not sure what to put on the other towel.

Option 2: Awesome retro ornaments.
These would easily work on for the two towels. They are from Sublime Stitches.

Option 3: Folk Art Christmas Tree
This one is also a free pattern from Badbird. It's very nice, but again what would it go with? or should I just make both towels the same?

Option 3: Christmas Bells

This is from NoPatternRequired. It's a vintage embroidery pattern and I really like it too. I think it would go great with the ornaments (option 2).

Should I look some more or just suck it up and choose???


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