Finally some sewing...

Well, the weather has already made a turn for the worst. It is clearly fall, when I wake up its dark, when I go to bed its dark, the mornings are cool and crisp and there are signs of faint frost on the grass. Boo!!! What a short summer. I need to move. On the other hand, I will be more productive now that the weather is about to force me inside.

I have a course for work this weekend, two full days stuck in a class which includes the dreaded public speaking. I did manage to get one this done this weekend though. I finally finished my polkadot bag.

Ah, the polkadot bag, I started this project years ago. At least 3 years ago. I cut it out and that was it. It was originally going to be a black with pink polkadot purse with hot pink piping and a pin-up applique. I don't think I can really pull off that look (rockabilly-punk look that is) now that I'm out of university, so I decided to make it into a toiletrie bag.

It took me less than an hour. I really should have just done this years ago, oh well. I'm pretty happy with the results though. It's much better than my dress project. The pin-up is cut from an Alexander Henry print and hand stitched on. I used interfacing on the ends to give the bag a bit more structure, but I didn't use in on the body so that the bag would collaspe better in case of travel. The zipper is an exposed metal zipper as, like I said, I was originally going for a bit of a punk look. Here are the results:

I like the hot pink lining.


  1. I LOVE the bag! the hot pink lining is fantastic! I know what you mean about starting projects a long time ago and then it not taking very long to finish them...sigh. I have had a couple of dresses like that! But the results are so worth it in the end :-)


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