Get off the Couch and Run 5k

I am not a runner. I used to hate every damn minute of it; it was difficult, it made me feel out of shape, it hurt my knees and I almost always seemed to get a stitch in my side. I really wanted to learn to run though, it just seems like one of those things that one should be able to do and a good measure of fitness, so now I am in the process of training for 5k. Running is also great for your bones. It is apparently a myth that running is bad for your joints, its only bad if you are doing it improperly. High impact sports, such as running, encourage bone growth and studies have show that it can reduce your chances of getting osteoporosis, as a woman this interests me. (link to Mayo Clinic info on osteoporosis)

I found this really great guide to help me get started with my 5k goal online here:

It's called "From the couch to 5k in 9 weeks." It seems pretty good and I am determined to be running 5k before the end of the summer (with a long term goal of 10k by the end of the year). I had to modify this program a bit as I am using an indoor track that seems to be an odd length (270m). I know that it would probably be better to run outside but its cold and snowy here for most of the year (it snowed yesterday and its almost June!!). Running on a path will be more difficult that running on a track and running on a track will be more difficult than running on a treadmill (if you don't believe me, give it a try yourself).
I recommend using the guide above to get yourself started.

I am over half way through the program and I may be slow but I am pretty proud of myself. A side note here: you should be able to talk while running (maybe a bit breathy), if you can't talk you are running too fast for your fitness level. If you do run at the correct speed, you shouldn't get a side stitch (something that I didn't learn until recently).


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