July 13, 2011

I hate ants...

I really do. I hate ants. They smell of black licorice. How do I know that you ask? One summer my dad set up our tent right between a giant ants nest and their source of food. Rather than going around the large tent, the long line of ants crawled over the tent, day and night. All you could hear was the sound of them scratching their way up and down, there were so many ants!! and the smelt of black licorice, it was terrible. Ants also seem to love my favourite flowers, peonies, the horrible little things crawl all over them and bite me whenever I try to cut a few blossoms. They are evil. We have even had trouble with ants in our house; a few years back we saw a long line of ants heading up the side of our house into the attic. They had decided to relocate there and since they were carpenter ants it cost us over a grand (yeah, that's right, $1000) to get rid of them.
Up until yesterday I honestly didn't think that I could despise them more, that was until we found some in our bathroom. Yes, that's right, the bathroom that we were renovating, the "quick, 1 week, cosmetic" reno. So, it turns out that only part of the bathroom was plaster, half was drywall covered in tile. The drywall under the tile was rotten, crumbly and the studs under that are also black with rot. Oh, and don't forget that we found carpenter ants in there, along with mold. Ugggggg.
So, our one week reno will now probably take a month since we have to completely gut the bathroom, even the studs and ceiling.
Damn those ants!