June 9, 2011

Reno Inspiration

I’m super excited and have spent a good chunk of the day searching for inspiration. We are renovating our main bathroom! It’s currently hideous, I’ll post some before & after pictures once we get to work. Our house was built in the late 40’s but the bathroom was redone in the 70’s and it is soooo ugly. The tub and sink are an odd yellowy-green colour, the tiles are an odd funky brown & pea soup floral print (are this covers all of the walls) and the lights are “lovely” round frosted pendants hanging from some chain. There is also an odd mirror frame that is an ornate plastic painted brown and gold. The bathroom is not only ugly but it is falling apart, the paint is peeling from the plaster and tiles are literally falling off the walls. It’s bad.
So, my husband has agreed, we will gut the bathroom. I’ve tried to put together some inspiration board but had a little trouble. The bathroom is tiny so we are short on options, we also have a budget, so that limits what we will do. Also, because of the tile and the condition of the walls underneath we have decided that we have to have wainscoting. I really love the “Hollywood Regency” style and Art Deco style but I’m not sure that those styles really go with wainscoting.
I can’t wait to go shopping…