March 28, 2011

What a weekend

Uggg, I accomplished very little this weekend. The weekend started out alright, we went out for a late dinner for a friend’s birthday; we went to a nice little Caribbean place and I had some good jerk chicken with rice & peas. After dinner we went out to a bar for music and dancing, it was a bit dull and we ended up leaving late since it was a birthday bash. This was where the trouble began, we got home late, we went to bed late and were exhausted and lazy (maybe a bit hung-over) the next day. My husband decided to go to bed really early and about an hour later I followed. When I go to open the bedroom door, it’s locked and I think to myself, “so silly, he accidently locked me out.” I start banging on the door to wake up my husband so he could let me in, when he finally reached the door, to the surprise of both of us, the door wasn’t locked, the handle was broken. Being a smarty pants, I headed downstairs to find a screwdriver and I took off the handle, problem not solved, the latch was actually seized and even with the handle off it wouldn’t budge. My husband was trapped in our bedroom. After a good long search through the mess of tools in our basement I found a set of pliers that would actually fit under the door. My husband used the pliers to pull out the hinge pins that are a bit rusty and then I threw my weight against the door to knock it off. It barely moved, the door fits too tight to the frame and since the latch was seized it wouldn’t swing open. About an hour later we realized there is no way to open the door without destroying it, which really sucks since the door is original to the house and has a beautiful wood grain pattern to it and of course there are three doors in that hallway that all match (which then match the closet doors) and are irreplaceable. I ended up having to drill holes into the door so that I could cut a out a chunk of door large enough to pass the saw through to my husband so that he could cut out the seized latch. It worked, but now my bedroom door has a huge hole in it and needs to be replaced. L I really hope someone else with a ‘40s house is renovating so that I can replace just the one door (that we destroyed) rather than have to replace all the doors. I am now very tired since I had two nights of little/horrible sleep and I managed to get only the bare minimum of chores completed on the weekend. Next weekend will be better, I am determined. Lessons learned? We need a phone in our bedroom and we need to give a spare key to a relative or friend, this situation would have been horrible if both of us had been trapped in the room. DSC00954 Look at all that sawdust and the damned hole in the door. DSC00955 The hole from the other side...

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