Starting some Seeds

Well, spring is only a few months away and I am getting excited for warm weather and spending some more time outdoors. This year I am planning on growing some heirloom vegetables in my little garden plot, I also plan on planting my garden on time this year. About a month ago I bought some heirloom and organic seeds from a small Canadian company called The Cottage Gardener and I figured it is finally time to get some of my seeds started. I bought two greenhouse kits and some seed starting soil and decided to start my tomatoes and my hot peppers.
First I filled the cells almost full with the soil and lightly packed it down. You need to make sure that the soil is mostly level.
Then I carefully placed in two seeds in each cell and covered them with a thin layer of soil and lighlty patted it down with the back of a spoon.

I then watered each cell making sure that the soil was moist and not soaked (you don't want to drown the seeds). Then I placed the dome back on the top of the tray and ta-da I was done (for now anyway).

I put my two trays, one is a mixture of tomatoes (yellow pear, cherokee purple, morden yellow, oxheart and green zebra) and one is nosegay peppers, in front of a sunny window. Now I just need to wait (and remember to water them).

Has anyone else started their seeds?


  1. Oh, wonderful! Some time ago I tried that but I think the seeds and I do not get along. But I admire your facility.


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