I need to stay off of ebay

I may need to get out more…

A couple of weeks ago I purchased some vintage Jello molds on ebay and yesterday they finally arrived. They’re a bit smaller than I thought they would be (my own assumption, no fault of the seller) and super cute. In reality they are probably a proper portion size, I’m just used to large modern sized servings. I now have some rings, spiral rings, and a couple of bundt shaped ones.
I made some homemade Jello just so that I could use them (I am ridiculously excited about having them). They work great and are really easy to unmold. Look how cute they turn out:

I think I’m going to have to use them next time I have company over. It’s totally cheesy but I keep imagining little rings of suspended veggies to hold in dip. Now I just need to find some more Jello recipes.


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