March 3, 2011

Bad Day

Well, I've been a bad blogger (again) lately. I haven't been posting very often. I was planning on posting some lovely long well thought out post but it will have to wait. I'm having a terrible day. This morning on my way to work I got into a sort of collision. A man in a big pick up truck in driving just ahead of me went into a big skid, I of course in a panick hit the brakes; I know, I know, I've been driving in winter conditions for over 10 years, I should know better than to hit the brakes. I was worried that the big truck would smoosh me and my little car against the tall concrete median, not a good excuse but I'm going to use it. Anyway, I of course went into a skid as well since I hit the brakes (for non-winter drivers the best thing would have been to gear my car down) and off I went flying rid across three lanes of traffic (luckily there weren't any cars nearby) and up onto the huge snow bank. Image something like this:

up the snowbank again

but on the edge of a major road/highway and in a tiny little compact car. I had to wait for an hour and a half for someone to help me get my car out and it was cold so that wasn't very fun either (-28 C). Of course now my car shakes horribly when I go over 80 km/hr. I really hope it doesn't cost too much to repair. There goes the money I was saving for some new clothes. :(

I hope everyone else is having a better day.


  1. Thank God you're alright. And at least the car is drivable.

  2. So glad that you are ok! And honestly, It's nearly impossible not to slam on the breaks when things start to hit the fan right in front of your car!
    Is it spring yet?

  3. Yikes! I'm right there with you. A couple days ago we had 8" of snow, which for our part of the next of the woods is like 8 feet of snow! It was slushy so of course I was basically floating on the road, but then when I was driving to town I nearly got pushed off the road twice by road-hogging drivers and then I got honked at when I didn't do anything but pull up to a stop.

    I'm not a very good driver and I tend to panic which is the reason why I drive an AWD 6-speed manual. I just put it in the lowest gear I can and cruise- so far it hasn't failed me! :)

    Glad to hear you were cold but unharmed. P.S. I think that guy in the photo was having fun with the snow . . . :)