February 21, 2011

My Latest Project

Things have been very hectic around here lately. I've been so busy and stressed that things haven't realy been getting done. I've skipped a could of gym sessions (for good reason), meals haven't been so good/healthy and I've pretty much just been veg-ing in my spare time. As mentioned before, my grandma is in the hospital (hip replacement surgery) and now my grandpa is in the hospital (pneumonia), so I've been visiting. Frankly it sucks (not the visiting, them being in the hospital).

I did manage to work on my latest project for a couple of hours though, so I thought that I would give a sneak peak. It's part of the Sewing Through the Decades Challenge. I picked out a pattern from my mothers stash, so I believe that this is a late 60s or early 70s pattern (I couldn't find a date anywhere, if you know please send me a link). It's a mod dress, Butterick 5059:


I'm making the red one. This is a pattern that I wouldn't normally go for but in keeping with the challenge and trying new decades I figured, what the heck. It is pretty cute.

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