Household Tip - Pineapples

My husband offered to run to the store on his way home and happened to pick up a treat for himself (all dressed = gross) and one for me, a pineapple. An odd pick but I guess they were on sale and he seemed to remember that I "liked those thingys," which I do. I picked it up and smelt the bottom and told him "mmm, this is going to be a good one," he gave me an odd look and I had to explain that smelling the base was how one picked out a ripe pineapple. He had been using dumb luck.

As odd as it sounds, and looks at the grocery store, this is the best way to pick a pineapple (although it should look nice on the outside too). Just pick up that baby and smell it's bottom base; it should smell nice and pineapply, not fermented/alcoholy.

Sine my hubby doesn't eat pineapple and a whole one is a bit much for one person, I generally cut up the whole thing into nice chunks and eat it throughout the week as dessert or snacks. The first thing you want to do it\s chop of the top spikes and the bottom.

Next you want to "peel" off the skin and little spikes by running your knife down the sides of the pineapple:
I generally cut out the tough core and cut the rest of the pineapple up into large chunks or wedges.
see the core (circle) in the middle?

I actually like to eat the core, but it is tough and chewy so I won't serve it to guests (pieces always seem to get stuck in your teeth too - you've been warned).

See, easy-peasy, I don't know why people buy that cut up stuff in juice.


  1. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Yum, yum! Where do finish this fruit?? maybe in a cake .... macedonia .....

  3. Once, when trying to prepare one for a party, I saw a video of a street vendor somewhere tropical who made no less than, like, six cuts, and the thing fell apart as if perforated. BLEW. MY. MIND. Needless to say, it didn't turn out so well for me. But I do love these instructions! I'll have to give it another shot. :)

  4. Rosy - I actually ended up watching a movie with my husband the next day and I literally ate the whole thing. Probably not a good thing, but technically better than the icecream that he was eating (or so I keep telling myself)

    Lisa - Crazy, six cuts? I would like to see that.

    That reminds me of my last trip to Cuba; this guy climbed a coconut tree (with a machete in his mouth), cut down the coconut, jumped down, trimmed the skin, chopped off part of the shell, poured rum in it and added a straw all before I could pull out a couple of pesos to pay


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