February 2, 2011


josephine baker

This post isn't actually about Josephine Baker but she does look pretty in her banana costume (side note, a couple of years ago I caught the movie "The Josephine Baker Story," it's actually pretty good, she was a very interesting woman), this is a tip about bananas.

We buy quite a few bananas in this household, unfortunately by the end of the week they were often way too ripe, so I test out some of the common tips for storing them and making them last longer. The verdict? The best way to store bananas is in the fridge on a shelf away from your other fruit (ie. not the fruit drawer). Although the fridge does make the peel brown quicker, the banana itself does not become over-ripe (no-one wants a mushy banana exploding all over their lunch).

Keeping the bananas away from the other fruit also helps since fruits naturally emit ethlyene gas which speeds up the ripening process. If you want your bananas to ripen faster, you can just do the oposite, place them in a paper bag on the counter with a couple of apples.

There's your household tip for the day :)

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