Back Button Blouse Complete!

I have finally finished my 1940's back button blouse, Simplicity 1906. It actually wasn't a difficult pattern, I've just been really busy with work, work outs, and those pesky everyday chores. I am so glad to be finished.

I ended up going to a friends to borrow their machine to do the button holes; my machines zig-zag is still out of alignment. I am seriously considering buying a new machine when my yearly bonus comes, we'll see.

Here's the pattern:

and here is my version:
I had a bit of difficulty with the sleeves lining up and I still don't think they look quite right. I just couldn't figure it out, I measured the sleeves and they were exactly the same size in all aspects, the arrows lined up perfectly on the bodice and yet they still look off. Erg, I'll have to tweek it a bit if I make this pattern again (and I think that I will). The neckline also ended up being very high, it doesn't look odd I'm just not used to wearing high necks like that, they usually make me feel like I'm choking (turtlenecks drive me nuts).

Here is a view of the back:

I love that the buttons are on the back, you don't see that very often anymore. When my husband saw the buttons on the back (to take the picture) he couldn't stop saying "you're crazy, button on the back, crazy!" They're actually really easy to button up as well, I kind of thought it would be a challenge.

My next project is a red mod styled dress, so stay tuned.

I had planned on making a bathing suit (I did finished the bottoms) but, well, it turned out bad, really, really bad.


  1. OOHHH! I LOVE this blouse! The color is fantastic and I adore the peter pan collar with the 40's sleeves! Great job!!

  2. Beautiful job. Love the color and cute buttons in the back.

  3. Good job! I like the colors and how you used buttons of other color, Love the combination!

  4. It's lovely! Love the ruching and the collar and the buttons down the back. Awesome.

  5. Thanks everyone. I love colour but halfway through I began to have doubts (recalling my space/ziggy stardust top), glad this time it wasn't a crazy combination.

  6. i love this blouse. the peter pan collar and the back buttons are my favorites

  7. Gorgeous blouse, Such an adorable style with the contrasting buttons at the back , I really must make one like this myself xx


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