January 24, 2011

I've been a bad blogger

I know, I know, I’ve been lame and haven’t posted in quite awhile. Frankly I’ve been tired, I was taking a course for work all last weekend, then because of the weather and it being year-end, I’ve been leaving work late, then I end up leaving the gym late and I’ve been struggling to catch up on my sleep all week. Uggg. I haven’t worked on my top at all. About the only things I seem to be doing are work, gym, eat, relax for a few minutes, sleep and clean, what a boring life I live. Well, I have a long weekend coming up and am planning on making the most of it. Until then, I’m going to try to be productive by decluttering my closet/dresser.

Seems like everyone is destashing and trying to clean out their homes (most likely because it’s the beginning of the year, similar to how the gym has been awfully busy of late). I found a neat new blog:


Lisette is going to try to rid herself of something everyday. Sounds very difficult to me (that may be because I’m one of those people always wanting stuff, like patterns, seeds, random collectible that I suddenly find interesting, shoes, fabric, etc.). Her latest assignment is the wardrobe challenge. It’s based off of a list from this site:

For me this would mean the following:

Women (who work outside the house)
7-9 work/dressy outfits
5-7 casual outfits
2-3 outfits for relaxing at home
3-4 pair work shoes (depends on your work. Only 2 if you wear tennis shoes or the like to work
3 pairs casual shoes

For everyone, you need:
1 winter coat
1 dress coat
1-2 pairs boots, short and long

I look at this and think are you kidding me? On the other hand, most of my clothes are now to large for me and I do have a small bedroom closet and I can’t seem to close the drawers to my dresser (and I have a clean basket of laundry waiting to be folded – ak!).

So maybe I’ll start working on this. It’s something I can do during the week too. Next weekend I’ll get off my butt and drop off the clothes at a local charity. I’ve been pretty lazy about this, especially considering there are bins at many local grocery stores.

I’m not going to include my camping type clothes in this since they are specialty type items and I wear them only for camping, they live in the basement waiting for the summer. I also think this list is clearly missing a summer jacket and spring/fall jacket. My winter jacket is made for -40 C weather (because it regularly get that cold and worse for 3 – 4 months of the year here), so when it’s hovering in the -5 C to zero range you need a lighter fall/spring jacket so that you don’t soak your clothes sweating in your winter jacket. Also, in the summer, while it may be +30 C during the day at night it often drops down to 10-15 C, which can be a bit cool, I guess a sweater or cardigan could work for this but jackets break the wind a bit better.

I am going to need to add clothes to my wardrobe since I am lacking several essentials. I am going to keep some pieces that are way too big with the intention that I will remake them in a smaller size, these pieces must be ones that I really love and are things that I will actually wear, and they must be quality items otherwise it isn’t worth the effort.

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