Goals for 2011/ What should have been my first post of the new year

Pearls before swine by Stephan Pastis

Comic: Pearls Before Swine by Stephen Pastis

I’m not really the resolution type (normally my opinion is similar to Rat's...j/k) but I have decided to set some goals for myself for 2011, really the only difference is that they aren’t life changing type things, just things that I would like to do.
1. Be able to do one unassisted pull up before the end of the year.

2. Lean how to can foods and actually do some canning. (I received some supplies for canning for Christmas, yay!)

3. Take better care of my garden and produce more food than last year.

4. Eat more local food, I’m not really one of those local food type people, but I do want to eat more locally grown organic food. Organic food is better for you and locally grown stuff should have more nutrients because there is less travel time, for the majority of the year I’m still probably going to have to buy imported fresh produce though and frozen foods due to the climate here and the short growing season. Frankly I also love bananas and while I know it is probably morally wrong to buy them (due to the pesticides that get sprayed on under-paid workers in the fields), I just can’t give them up and there’s no way they would ever grown out here. When I eat out at restaurants I want to eat more locally too, by that I mean at the shops near my house. I live in an area undergoing “revitalisation” and I want to support the movement. See, where I live used to be nice little war housing on the edge of the city, due to growth and suburbs it’s now an older area, near downtown and filled with low income housing and in some parts, shelters. Not too far away is a main street that used to be filled with small grocery stores, nice little bakeries, and trendy restaurants and bars, over the years it became lined with pawn shops, cheap liquor stores and bars and cash shops (oh and don’t forget hookers and drug addicts). I actually live a bit north of all this mess, but every once and awhile some drunken criminals do make their way up here to break into cars, etc. The revitalisation project began about a year before we bought our house and things actually have improved, a lot. There are fewer crummy old bars and pawn shops and more cute boutiques and family run restaurants, I want to shop at these places more because they more money that they make, them more other nice businesses will move in and push out the crummy stuff. The city has offered incentives for business owners to reface buildings and put money into festivals for the street and it seems to be working. I feel that I should do my part too (plus there is a Vietnamese place there that make a decent bowl of pho and good vermicelli bowls - a bit on the greasy side but really inexpensive).

5. Sew more often (maybe even set it at one item a month?) so that I can improve my skills.
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7. Watch less TV. I’ve cut back in the last year but I really need to watch less, it’s unproductive.

I am not listing any general fitness or weight loss goals because I’ve been at it long enough for it to become a part of my lifestyle. I go to the gym regularly, it’s just something I do, a hobby that I enjoy.

Anyone else make a few goals for the year? Or think that resolutions are a load of b.s.?


  1. I made a decision to reduce. Reduce consumption primarily of pop-culture, fabric, etc etc. I think your resolution to support revitalization of your area is right on! I lived for a while in a city with the slogan "Keep Austin Weird, Support Local Business." While it was a little self-important, it definitely contributes to the unique flavor of the city, and it's a lesson I've never forgotten.


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