Table Runner Complete!!

I now have three of my christmas projects completed! I'm only half done my list but I'm feeling pretty confident. I ended up making a very simple table runner, I figured the fabric is very busy and my tree skirt it very busy so the rnner should be a bit more simple. Its a basic rectangular shaped runner, one side has no real decoration and the other has two mittens appliqued on. I just used a top stitch to attach the mittens; I figured it would look cute if the fabric ravelled a bit on the edges, the best of mittens are always a bit fuzzy anyway. I stitch the two rectangles together with some quilting batting in the middle to give the runner a bit of substance.
I also quilted the runner in a series of "curly q's."


Overall, this was also a really easy project but like how it turned out. I really love the fabric though, it's Michael Miller, and just oh so fun. Look at it:


You can see what I mean by curly q's in that picture as well, I guess swirls would be a good descriptor as well. This thing may need a good ironing...

Here's the finished project:


  1. Wow! These are really great! I love the curly q's!


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