Two more Christmas gifts down

That's right, I have completed two more Christmas gifts (well four pieces for two people). For my mother and my aunt I have made some tabbed tea towels. My mom loves these, yet she can never seem to find them, she usually makes her own (hers have crocheted tops though, which I am not sure I can do).


I forgot to take pictures of the process, so there isn't a real tutorial, but basically I sewed two long rectangular pieces for the tabs, you can either use cord to make a button loop or make actual button holes. I then sewed the tabs onto folded tea towels, stitched on the buttons and ta-da, done. I also embroidered these, following my embroidered gift theme.

Here's how they look hanging from the stove. They're actually pretty handy, especially if you have a husband (or child) who likes to take your tea towels off the stove to use as oven mitts, floor wipes, etc.


I still haven't decided which towels to give to my aunt and which to my mother... The beaker one is for my mom for sure (she works in the chem field) and the Scotty is for my aunt (she has a little white dog herself). Decisions, decisions.


  1. Oh! This is such a GREAT idea! Thanks for the tutorial!!! We are moving soon and I think I'll have to make some of these!


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