Pantry Jars

I have a pretty small kitchen by todays standards, well actually it's not so much that the kitchen is small it's that it's an odd shape and there are very few cupboards and very little storage. I tend to buy things in bulk and always end up with a ton of twist-tied bags everywhere. I finally got off my butt and bought some jars to store some of my staples in. The jars were relatively in-expensive ($4.00) at my local Canadian Superstore, I think regular mason jars would look great for this project too.

I googled "vintage labels" or maybe it was "vintage jar labels" and picked out/stole some pretty ones. I used word to add text to the labels (using text boxes) and printed out what I needed.

I then cut out the labels and covered them with clear heavy-duty packing/package tape. I figured that this would probably protect them from water and if not I could just re-print the labels.
you can kind of see how I layered two pieces of tape to cover the paper...

I trimed the tape about 1.5 cm from the label edge and firmly pressed them onto the jars. Voila! Simple but neat jars for my pantry.



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