November 28, 2010

My new Christmas Tree Skirt

I've finished my Christmas tree skirt. It didn't turn out exactly as planned. It was suppose to be a scalloped circle and now it's kind of a scalloped squarish thing. Oh well, I think it will still look good under my Christmas tree.


I would advise anyone making one of these things to go with a square shape, or to use a pattern of some sort. My way was definately not the way to go. I made two large 40" squares of fabric, then I used string and two felts (markers) to try and make a protractor-type-thing. See:


and this is what I ended up with:


Not so circular. I probably should have just free-handed it. I really do love the fabric though, it's so bright and happy looking.

Aside from my wonky shape. It went together fairly quickly and without any issues. I sewed the two pieces together, then after turning it right side out, I top stitched the scallops. I didn't use any batting so this helped keep the shape. I won't go into detail on the scallops, but if you want to know more, check out Tilly's tutorial, hers turned out great.

Now I'm off to start my next sewing project, a table runner.

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