More stitching

It seems like all I have been doing lately is embroidery. Ugg, it takes forever. I may have to adjust some of my Christmas gift projects to be sewn rather than stitched just so I can finish (and start working on some stuff for myself, and yes I guess that is selfish).

So far I have only completed two gifts. The retro cats for my sister-in-law and some Christmas ornament towels for my mother-in-law. Here's how they turned out:
christmas ornaments
I really like them. I think I might make some for myself someday.

I took a few photos of the process too. Here is a split stich:
You can see a bit better how you stitch a straight little line, then come up through that stitch to make the next.

I also took a picture of a french knot, which was very difficult; it's hard to hold a camera in one hand and embroider with the other.

You wrap the thread around the needle, I did about four but if you want a larger knot wrap more around.

french knot
Then you insert the needle back into the fabric a tiny distance away from where you brought it up, make the stitches very close but no the same spot, otherwise when you pull it tight the whole thing will unravel.

french knot

These took me a few tries before I got them just right, so don't give up, once you figure it out it's really easy!


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