October 27, 2010

Christmas Projects

I know haven't finished all of my handmade Christmas gifts but I have already started planning some Christmas Projects for myself. My husband hates Christmas decorations (what a Grinch), so everything that I have is either a hand-me-down or was a gift. I didn't really mind the mish-mash until recently. We have decided that since my hubby is going to be in school for longer than originally anticipated (thanks to his change in major), we are going to be staying in our little starter home for about 5 more years, so I figure I might as well start decorating to my tastes. Since it's an older home (and looks it due to many old fashioned but cute features), I have decided on candy coloured, vintage inspired theme. I went onto http://www.fabric.com/ and bought a few lovely fabrics (I'll post them later) and come up with a few thing that I need to make.
The plan is to make a tree skirt, fabric trees for my mantel, a knitted garland, a table runner (not sure what I want this to look like yet), two door wreaths and possibly one new stocking.

Here is a bit of inspiration.

I don't really knit, once I made a scarf but I believe a scarf is literally the easiest thing to knit, so we'll see how that project goes.
I will slowly have to add to my small collection of vintage and retro-eske glass ornaments. I knid of want a white or silver tree but I'm pretty sure my husband who not let me bring one into the house, I'll have to think on that one...

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