Final camping trip of the summer

Last weekend we went on our final camping trip of the year. Labour day weekend is usually our last chance since it becomes very cold, very quickly here and i'm not a fan of winter camping.

It was a little chilly in our little tent as the one night it droped down to -1 C.
We did manage to get in a few nice hikes though. We went out to Jasper National Park, specifically to the Miette Hot Springs area. There are a few nice hikes there but we decided to tackle the Sulphur Skyline. We hadn't done this one before and it was a nice 9.6 km round trip up a mountain. You actually go past the tree line, so make sure you bring a toque (which is a knitted hat for those non-Canadians) as it gets cold up there and very windy. It was a pretty steep trek but the views were amazing!!!

If you have never been to the Rockies, make sure you put in on your "to-do" list. The mountains are very young, so they are very jagged looking. Once I had friends visiting from Ireland, we took them to Jasper and they were amazed. They just kept saying "I thought that we had mountains in Ireland, but those are just hills compared to these things!"

We also went white water rafting on the Frasier river which was a lot of fun. I don't have any pictures of that trip though. It was a class 2/ class 3 trip and the rapids weren't as impressive as I was hoping for. Oh well. It was still a blast.


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