September 13, 2010

A beautiful blogger!!!

I was nominated for a beautiful blogger award by The Ingenious Indigenous over at Kyla con Stylas Bitchery Stitchcer Blog. So I guess I have to tell you ten interesting things about myself and nomate a few other wonderful blog. This was actually a big difficult for me but here it goes:

1. I love punk music and I used to wear typical punk clothing, fishnets, plaid, leopard print, studs and all. I have travelled as far as Blackpool, England to see bands that I love. I even had a punk grad dress which to this day I love. I've outgrown the look but I still have all my best duds for the next time I go see a really big band. Here's my grad dress:

A bit of an awkward pose...

2. I spent a year living in Ireland. It wasn't as green as they make it seem in pictures and movies. It was nice though and I would visit again.

3. I can not roll my r's to save my life, I almost failed a university Spanish class because of it; I have never received such a bad mark in school. I later found out that in some parts of Spain they swallow their r's so I know just think my Spanish teacher was a meany (she was a judgemental/prejudice person I think though, as she would always say that Mexicans don't speak Spanish they speak like monkeys, I'm not really sure what that even means).

4. I have dual citizenship, Canada and the U.K. since my dad was born in England.

5. I used to compete in synchronized swimming and yes it is a real sport and it is very difficult.

6. When I was little I thought India Jones was so cool that I wanted to be an archaeologist too. I actually ended up taking it in university although I don't work in the field.

7. One of my favourite movies as a child was "The Land Before Time." According to my parents, I was annoyed that all the female characters in the movie were portrayed as dumb, compared to the male characters, so I would call the long neck (actually named Littlefoot) Cera and the triceratops (actually named Cera) Littlefoot. It's really odd, I know.

8. My husband and I like Star Trek (he's a huge trekkie, I more just enjoy watching it) and plan to one day renew our vows in Vegas with a Star Trek themed ceremony. I'll even make us some uniforms to wear for it.

9. I know this sounds a bit silly but I have always wanted to own a large piece of land, like 1/2 a section or more, then I could have a lot of dogs. I want the following dogs: an Alaskan Malmute (I grew up with these), a Basset Hound, an Irish Wolfhound, a Bullmastiff, a Rottweiler, a German Shephard (my husband wants one so I added it to the list; I would name it "the littlest Hobo," or Hobo for short) and lately I've been thinking of a St. Bernard (my parents now have one and he is such a calm and gentle sweetheart).

10. I love the colour "seafoam green." I would actually love to wear a seafoam green bridesmaid dress. I have no idea why people seem to hate this colour.

Five nominees:
1. Susannah from Cargo Cult Craft
2. Lauren from Wearing History

3. The Long & Winding Bobbin

4. New Vintage Lady

5. Andrea at Unsung Sewing Pattern

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