August 22, 2010

Another unproductive weekend...

We ended up going camping. This summer has been very unproductive for us; we have only been home for a couple weekends making it harder to get much done.

This camping trip was very close to home and was in a national park. We pretty much just went hiking and had a fire (we made some yummy fire roasted chicken to eat with a salad).
Our first hike was a long one, 13.4 km, but we managed to complete it in less than 3 hours (the estimate given was 3.5-4.5hrs). I think we did well, last year this hike would not have been possible. I felt great afterwards; a bit sore, but happy that all that cardio is paying off. We didn't really see any animals on the hike, only heard them, which is probably good since bears, moose and bison are all pretty mean. We did see this cute frog on the path. My husband almost stepped on it.On the way back to the campground we drove past some bison, the park is basically a bison preserve. The pictures aren't that great since I took them from inside the car, bison have been known to charge.Overall a great trip...

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