Alaskan Cruising

Well, I am back from my trip to Alaska. It was a wonderful cruise from Vancouver up through Tracy's Arm, to Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay and Ketchican.

Cruising really is a great way to travel. Fine dinning, formal nights (there is also a buffet if you don't want to have to dress up on your vacation), many places to lounge (inside and out), pools, hot tubs, spas, a gym, a casino, bars and pubs (each with a different atmosphere, for example on our ship they ranged from a piano bar to poolside bar to a night club, Vegas style shows at night (singers, dancers with sparkly costumes, comedians, magicians), daily activities (yoga, tai chi, dance lessons, trivia, etc.), a movie theatre, shopping, a cafe (with computers and a library), a kids program, cooking classes, what's not to like? I also like that you're one place one day, then you wake up the next morning and you're somewhere new.

Our cruise was what everyone kept referring to as a "classic cruise." I believe they were calling it this because it was very similar to the stereotypical cruises that you see in older movies, very glamorous. The waiters/bar tenders and cabin stewards would remember your name and what your drink preferences (after the first meeting), how do they do that!?! They even had those wooden lounging chairs out on the decks with plaid wool shawls and blankets to use and shuffleboard courts! If you have an abundance of vintage clothing that seems to formal or fussy for regular, everyday wear, a cruise would be a good place to wear it all.

Photo nabbed from CoutureAlure

We went rock climbing, sea kayaking and did some 4x4ing up into the Yukon. We also ate way too much yummy food.

Below is Glacier Bay. I can't get over how blue the ice looks (it looks even more blue up close).

It is so beautiful in Alaska and the Yukon we have decided that we have to go back one day on a camping trip.


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